The Terrific Teddy books and tools help you
explain learning differences to your child.

Explain reading difficulty, attention difficulty, and writing difficulty. Young children relate to books.
Your child will relate to Teddy’s learning differences, gain understanding and have hope for improvement.


Children with dyslexia or reading difficulty often feel alone.  Terrific Teddy and the b-d Mix-Up helps your child learn why reading is difficult.

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Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy helps your child understand why they are frequently moving. Children learn why their behavior is often impulsive.

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Dysgraphia (writing)

Children with dysgraphia have writing difficulty that makes handwriting look extremely messy. They may have difficulty forming letters and copying.

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Children who struggle to focus may need a little extra help staying on task. This book is a great tool to help them focus.

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Resources for helping you and your family every step of the way.

Dr. Forgan offers consulting services, school neuropsychological testing, and is a public speaker.

You write children’s books in a way that kids can recognize their challenges and still feel good about themselves.
Becca E.
I’m a lot like Teddy.
Chris, age 7
An excellent tool for explaining reading difficulties to children.
Amazon reviewer.


Why Terrific Teddy?

The Terrific Teddy Explaining Learning Differences series was based on Jim’s professional and personal work. When explaining test results to parents he asks, “What will you tell your child?” Jim has helped hundreds of parents explain learning differences and he wrote these books to help you too.  Terrific Teddy helps:

  • 1. Give understanding.
  • 2. Provide relief.
  • 3. Begin a discussion.
  • 4. Offer solutions.
  • 5. Encourage improvement.

Meet Jim Forgan

jim-forganJim Forgan, Ph.D. is a parent, special education professor, school neuropsychologist, and well published author.  He co-authored the top selling book Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Raising Healthy, Happy Sons.

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