Jim created the Terrific Teddy series to explain learning differences based on his experiences raising his son as well as working with families in his private practice.  Many children’s books explain dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences using too many words. These words overwhelm a young child.  Jim wrote the Terrific Teddy explaining learning differences books so young children are not overwhelmed.  Children receive enough information to provide understanding, relief that they are not alone, and have encouragement for a bright future.

The Terrific Teddy books give parents the option of reading one of two different endings that are both written on the same page.  You can choose to explain your child’s learning difference using the technical term, such as dyslexia.  Or, you can choose to explain your child’s learning difference using a general statement such as ‘reading challenges.’

Jim’s provides parents with learning tool and solutions to help children with learning differences. He and Teddy are available to speak to school groups, conferences, and talks to help others understand the impact that learning differences have on a child’s well being.  Talks can include puppets to help explain to younger children that learning differences are ok and that we are all created just the way God intended us to be.

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