Explaining ADHD

Terrific Teddy's Excessive Energy Explain ADHD to Child

How to explain ADHD to your child with help from Terrific Teddy.  ADHD is one of the most frequently occurring childhood disorders and, in childhood, boys are more frequently identified than girls.  ADHD occurs in a hyperactive-impulsive presentation, inattentive presentation (ADD), or combined presentation. Many parents want to know the best way to explain ADHD to your child and have the option of using a label such as ADHD or just talking about behaviors.

Boys with ADHD are often described as fidgety, impulsive, active, and have excessive energy.  Some boys are outstanding climbers and jumpers.  Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy helps you explain your child’s excessive energy in a way that does not have to use the term ‘ADHD’ unless you want to.  You get the choice of using the term or describing your child’s behavior as extra energy.  When Jim’s child was young he did not want to tell him he had ADHD but he wanted to tell him something about his behavior.  You may feel the same way so this book is the perfect learning differences tool to use.

In the book you’ll meet Teddy, a fun and smart boy who really tries to behave but his body does not always listen to his brain.  With help from his parents and professionals Teddy learns that there are lots of things he can do to manage his energy in ways that won’t make him feel different.  The Terrific Teddy books are just as much for girls as for boys.  One parent emailed and said, “I read it to my daughter last night and while we were reading she started to cry asking me if she was like Teddy.  For the first time, I started a conversation about her diagnosis.”

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