Terrific Teddy large coverOne in five children have dyslexia or reading difficulty. Dyslexia occurs from very mild to very severe and typically the earlier you start giving your child specialized reading instruction the better the outcome. Long term effects of untreated dyslexia often include issues with self-esteem and a strong dislike for reading. If your child has dyslexia or reading difficulty it is very important to give your child understanding as well as specialized reading instruction.

Terrific Teddy and the b-d Mix-Up is a book that explains dyslexia and reading difficulty to children. Teddy is a smart boy who struggles with reading so much that he starts to cry in school. His parents get him tested and learn he has dyslexia and that specialized reading instruction can help Teddy learn how to read.  With help from his tutors and teacher Teddy gains confidence and believes he will become an expert reader.

After reading the book to her class, a teacher send us a note and said, “Thank you for writing books which help explain why certain tasks can be much more challenging for these kids than for their peers.”  An Amazon reviewer said, “The book is written in child friendly terms and is accompanied by appealing illustrations. It will provide children with encouragement to address their reading problems, while reassuring them that the reading problem doesn’t take away from their strengths.”

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